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Scottish anchorages


What a strange place Strontian is, a 1960s village, the centre of which is about a mile from the anchorage. But at least it doesn't try to pretend to be what it isn't, and in fact the place seems rather together, tidy and pleasant. I wonder who was responsible for the plan and the way the whole place is laid out. There is a standing stone in the car park, later named the Pillory Stone because it was used to shackle villagers found guilty of gossiping — very strange!


The whole area has loads of history as a lead mining centre in the 18th and 19th centuries and, of course, with the story of the discovery in 1790, and then isolation, of strontium (by Sir Humphry Davey) in 1808.


There is a play-park and a small but well-stocked supermarket in the centre, a café and a very nice small pottery and craft shop selling things made locally — Woodland Pottery. The trees are great, and there is a community woodland trail around the edge of the village.


The Strontian Hotel built in the early 1800s looks attractive, does meals and is near the anchorage (ph 01967 402 029). Kilcamb Lodge Hotel and restaurant (ph 01967 402 257) looks rather posh, is further away, and I have not been there but it seems worth a visit; it is in the Good Food Guide and seems to have loads of awards.


The Strontain Agricultural Show takes place on the second Saurday in August, followed by dancing.


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Strontian village green

The village centre


The head of the loch from Strontian