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Scottish anchorages


The situation in Salen Bay was much improved in 2010 when new owners took over the pier. There are now pontoons as well as moorings. In 2014 there were new toilets, showers, a shop and a small tearoom. Someone is being very busy here!


However, I must confess I have not in the past been an enthusiast for this place, rather put off by warnings of horrible things on the seabed ready to trap your anchor, and by the fact that all around the inlet appears to be private so there is nowhere to go ashore except at the pontoons (mind you the slipway is a Thomas Telford construction from 1820 so stop to admire). And there seemed little to do except walk along the main (by Ardnamurchan standards) road. However, the Salen Hotel is I am told by several people a whole lot better than it was a few years ago when I was last there, and very recommended for a meal (ph 01967 431 661).  So, in truth, not a bad place to pull in if you are looking for a pontoon or mooring in a northerly gale, with dinner ashore.


If you are prepared to leg it for three miles along the road towards Strontian you could visit the Resipole Studios — a very nice sounding gallery which I have not been to, showing contemporary Scottish art, but check the opening times before you start walking (ph 01967 431 506). Maybe you can anchor off Resipole bay, at least temporarily, I am not sure.

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Telford  pier at Salen

Telford's slipway


The smart new in 2011 pontoons at Salen