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Scottish anchorages

Mingary Bay

Mingary Bay is a surprisingly nice anchorage when the wind is not in the south, very well placed for wandering up to take a look at Mingary Castle rooted to its rock in an amazing position commanding the north entrance to the Sound of Mull and Loch Sunart. It was started in the 13th century and then altered in the 16th, 17th and again in the 18th centuries before falling into disuse in the mid 19th century — not so very long ago. Although it was besieged a few times, there was a lot of castle left, but for years it was not possible to get into it. However, the Ardnamurchan estate has now restored it at I imagine considerable expense, and turned it into a high-end luxury catered establishment with five rooms accommodating up to 10 guests. If you book ahead as a non-resident (ph 01972 510715) you may be able to get lunch or dinner (a 10-course tasting menu). However, the website now says it is closed for the foreseeable future. I wonder why.


Surprisingly, in front of the entrance across the rock-cut ditch lying in the grass is — or was — a very large old cannon. Before that it had been spotted under the castle by the sea. Where did it come from? The castle or one of those Spanish Armada ships that was meant to have fetched up around here? It is now more suitably relocated on the castle terrace.








Old canon by Mingary castle

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The ancient cannon, just lying in the grass before the restoration of the castle

Mingary Castle

Mingary Castle from the Kilchoan ferry terminal

Canon thumbnail_Mingary-Interior-4

The cannon now moved to the castle terrace (Sarah McInnes)

The restored dinning room,

all set for dinner (Sarah MacInnes)