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Scottish anchorages

Kiloran Bay

This must be one of the best sandy beaches in the Inner Hebrides, but because it is accessible by road (well, sort of, hardly the M8) you won’t often have it to yourself. In any event it has to be very calm to get rid of the swell that makes landing tricky from the dinghy. As if to emphasise the swell problem you may well see surfers floating about ready to catch a wave, in which case don't try and land from the dinghy — swim ashore maybe instead.   Nonetheless it is a great beach for children for sure, and on a hot calm sunny and warm day it is definitely worth a stopover if not a detour.


At the north end of the beach, where the golden sand of most of the beach turns to grey, you will find some rather good caves in what I presume is igneous rock; they extend quite a way so take a torch. Apparently they sheltered people of the Azilian culture in about 6000 BC.


Kiloran 1 Kiloran 4

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A grand beach

The spooky caves

Lucy on Kiloran Beach - Version 3