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Scottish anchorages


Kilchoan Bay is a pleasant spot with a small scattered population, with I suspect there a considerable proportion of holiday, incomer and second homes. It is the most westerly village on the mainland of Great Britain and until about 1900 was only accessible by sea. There is a CalMac ferry to Tobermory which might possibly be helpful for crew changes.


About a quarter-of-a-mile from the slip to the right, behind the old manse which itself is a fine restored house surrounded by beautiful mature trees — the back part is 1790 and the front part was added in 1830 — is the ruin of the Old Ardnamurchan Parish Church. This was built in the 18th century. It is surrounded by a lovely old graveyard overlooking the Sound of Mull where, maybe 20 yards from the south wall of the church, there are a couple of Iona-School graveslabs, casually lounging in the turf. They must have been lying around here for 600 or so years and so far have not been carried off to be put on display somewhere else. The ‘new’ Parish Church is early 19th century, about a quarter-of-a-mile further on. The garden is trim, the trees lovely, and the three galleries and pulpit are nice (but I think it is now closed for 'health and safety' reasons).


More or less opposite is the Kilchoan Hotel, originally an 1870 shooting lodge, which is OK for a drink, and they do meals but I have not tried them (ph 01972  510 200). In late 2012 it was under new management so maybe it is now more welcoming than it once was — definitely give it a try.

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Kilchoan Kilchoan

The Kilchoan slipway

The old graveyard