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Scottish anchorages

Corran Point

The pub — the Ardgour Inn — seems a bit of a disappointment to me, no real ale, but it is certainly very handy for the anchorage. I have not tried the pub grub, or the restaurant (ph 01855 841 225). You can sit outside — or in — having a drink while the children play on a very sandcastle sort of a little beach, adjacent to the ferry slipway. The wrecked fishing boat might look atmospheric but it is breaking up and becoming a danger. So far no one seems to be taking responsibility to remove it. Take a walk round the foreshore to the Corran Point lighthouse — a Stevenson again, built in 1860, with a lovely two-storied Keepers’ house with an external stair. A most satisfactory ensemble, enhanced by the backdrop of upper Loch Linnhe in one direction and Lower Loch Linnhe in the other. But not by the noise of the main road down the east side of the loch.


The Corran ferry is constantly on the go but is not a problem, in fact it is a charming, but extraordinarily expensive crossing and addition to the general atmosphere. Some have seriously suggested a bridge which would ruin the whole place — but no doubt help regenerate Morvern, Ardgour and Ardnamurchan (for better or worse?) However, they would have to widen their single track roads to accomodate the inevitably increased numbers of motor-homes and caravans, along with the pressures of more and more tourists. In 2020 this idea was being very seriously considered by the Lochaber Chamber of Commerce. The tunnel option sounds a better bet to me, there would then not be a problem for yachts with tall masts transiting the Caledonoan Canal , or cruise ships if they still exist and are welcomed after the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Corran point

Corran point lighthouse. Engineers: David and Thoams Stevenson, established 1860, automated 1970