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Scottish anchorages

Chapel Bay

The name is apt. From the anchorage you can just about see the very ruined 13th century St Columba's chapel submerged in the bracken just across the small road running along the shore line. Apart from the slab at the east end (I presume covering a grave) the interior is so overgrown that you can't see anything else. Just behind the chapel are a couple of caves, the largest with an altar of some sort and a cross carved in the wall above it. Maybe St Columba himself hid in this cave, who knows. Further to the left is a rather charming, mossy and secretive waterfall tumbling through the trees — it has a nice sound too.


If you walk along the road to the left, in a short while you get to Ellary House, or you can up anchor and move to Ellary itself.

Loch Caolisport

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The waterfall

Chapel Bay waterfall 2 Chapel Bay St Columba's cave Chapel Bay 2

The waterfall

View from St Columba's cave