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Scottish anchorages

Carsaig bay

There are a number of anchorages around the islands off the bay, and a not very good one in the bay itself. None are within particularly easy reach of Carsaig itself. Not that there is a lot to see and do. In fact it is a bit suburban ashore with a scattering of mostly modern houses, and a static-caravan site. There really is nothing of great interest, apart from a reasonably atmospheric cemetery in the middle of which is a very uncared for and doorless enclosure for one of the Campbell families. The slightly crumbling jetty is apparently a Telford. If you are energetic enough, and feel the need for some milk or dinner out, you could walk the near mile to Tayvallich.  On the whole I think it is best just to explore around the islands in the dinghy.

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Carsaig Bay Carsaig Bay

The cemetery overlooking the Sound of Jura

No one sitting here during a north westerly gale