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Scottish anchorages

Carna West Kyle

This is another place called 'Doirlinn', Gaelic for a tidal causeway or island. The one cottage was a ruin for years but is now being restored. In the 19th century it was an inn, and it has also been a shop, a school, a holiday centre for school children, and a private house. Near the shore, hidden in the bracken on the path up to the cottage, is the first of some remarkable cast-iron milestones indicating the miles to Drimnin, 6¾  along a Land Rover track. Presumably there was once a significant community here. This track makes a nice walk through deciduous woods along the shoreline, at least to Loch Drumbuie, after that it goes up over the tree line and passes the remains of villages which were cleared in the mid 19th century — Sornagan, Portabhata, Auliston and Carraig.

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West Kyle West Kyle

A cast-iron milestone

At anchor in the West Kyle