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Scottish anchorages


I do have issues with Scottish beer, being an Englishman who was brought up on proper bitter in the days before huge corporate brewers (remember that terrible Watney's Red Barrel?). But things are improving greatly in Scotland and there are now a few small breweries in the area doing very good things, mostly in bottles I'm afraid but you can find their unpressurised draft from a cask (ie real ale), usually in a hotel or pub near the brewery. Of course breweries are not so iconic as distilleries, and nor so interesting to look around, so I would suggest you look out for the beers and not bother with the breweries although the one on Colonsay is very accessible from the Scalasaig anchorage and the one in Oban is right on the main drag by the harbour (winner of the British Beermat Set of the Year award, 2011). There are three active brewing breweries at the moment (the 'Mull' ales are actually now brewed in Oban):


Colonsay Brewery

Islay Ales

Oban Bay Brewery


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