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Scottish anchorages

Balnahard bay

This must be the perfect beach for children — loads of sand, rock pools and sand dunes. And very few if any people because it is three miles from the nearest road. It may not have the surf or grandeur of Kiloran but unlike that beach it is protected from the prevailing winds from the west.


Over the sand dunes and up a track just to the south of west, in about half-a-mile by a modern barn, you will find the remains of a 13th century cell or chapel dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria (whoever she was). But you have to be seriously addicted to such things to make the trip worthwhile because in truth it is just a pile of old stones, plus a very worn stone cross. And there is an ancient burial cist right by the barn in a small fenced-off area. Better, I reckon,  to just take the sun on the beach and admire the view from the Outer Hebrides past Mull and the Firth of Lorne to Jura.

Balnahard 1

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Balnahard beach


Balnahard Bay from the air