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Scottish anchorages

Ardnastang Bay

Not a lot here. Just an old ruined slipway, some woods with a bit of noise from the road above, and maybe something of a beach over in the northeast corner. Too far to walk to Strontian.


However, an interesting bit of local history is that in the mid-19th century a 400-seat floating kirk (in truth a floating corrugated iron shed) was built for and used by the breakaway members of the Free Church because the local landowner refused to allow them to build a church on his land. A few years later it was driven ashore in a storm and any remains must have all now rusted or been taken away. However, in 2016 one of its anchors was found on the seabed in the bay, and there are plans to display it in Strontian.

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Ardnastang Bay

The old slipway