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Scottish anchorages

Ardantrive Bay

This bay is filled up with the pontoons and moorings of Oban Marina. In times very long past it was regarded as the best anchorage hereabouts. The marina has struggled in recent years, but in 2017 new owners took over with great enthusiasm so things are looking up and the place has a good buzz about it — the best of luck to them. You don't have to go across to Oban to eat out because the marina has its own Waypoint Bar and Grill (ph 01631 565 888). If you do want to go to Oban you will need the water taxi, free for berth holders but a small charge for visitors.


From the marina you can basically take in the same places as from Oitir Mhòr Bay, but having paid the marina for the privilege. The walk between the two anchorages takes you through a rather nice farmyard, great for kids, with hens, ducks, pigs and highland cattle. Plus you can buy their farm produce, eggs, beef and so on.


The spelling of this place varies, sometimes it is Ardentrive Bay, irritating for someone like me who has enough trouble with ordinary spelling.

Ardentrive Bay

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Adantrive Bay from Dunollie Castle

Ardantrive Bay from the air

The marina from the air