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Scottish anchorages


There are a lot of people to thank for their ideas, information, help, photographs and criticisms, particularly my family who have been landed at unsuitable places, walked to non-existent beaches, sat and shivered while I took the perfect shot, and dragged around mouldering castles: Ben, Margaret, Oli, Lucy, William, Ilona and Cathie. Others who have been a great help include the Fox family (all five of them in their ridiculously small 25ft yacht) and of course Richard Roberts who was the co-owner of Calypso, our Contessa 32 from 1988 when coincidentally we both moved from England to Scotland, until 2010 when we both retired and bought a new boat each. It was Stuart Taylor, a publisher, who suggested that a website would be more appropriate than a book, and Steve Druitt — a frequent crew somewhat prone to sea seasickness — who suggested the easy to use web tools produced by Moonfruit, and how to draw the maps.

Sound of Mull from Aros castle

Sound of Mull from Aros Castle

And thank you to all those who have responded to my open invitation to put me right in various places, and particularly those who have pointed out some really very silly mistakes. Luckily one can correct a website instantly, unlike a guidebook. Charles Warlow, Edinburgh.


"We saw in every place, what we chiefly desired to know, the manners of the people." Samuel Johnson, A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland, 1785